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If your desktop or laptop PC computer is not running the way it should, then it might be time for an upgrade. At Technogeek PC Services, our team will take care of the hardwareupgrade your equipment requires to restore and improve its functionality. Why choose to upgrade your computer instead of buying a new one? For starters, you’ll save some cash. Many computers can have their functionality restored with new hardware components.

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Computer Hardware Upgrades in Kallangur and surrounding areas

  • Hard Drive Upgrades: If you are running out of storage space, there’s a good chance we can add a new HDD to your setup. Our team can also replace a hard drive that has stopped working to restore your computer’s functionality and use the latest technology to make a huge speed difference.
  • Memory Upgrade: Older computers might have been top-of-the-line back in their day, but that day has come and gone. Adding more RAM and other memory upgrades can help your computer feel like new once again and improve program speed and performance.
  • Video Card Upgrades: Upgrading or replcing your video card to the latest technology can make a huge differnce to gaming.
  • Power Supply Upgrade: Is your power supply worn? Is it underpowered? We can upgrade to a better more efficient power supply.
  • Hardware Component Upgrades:Ask us what we can do to improve the speed and performance of your laptop or desktop computer.

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