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One of the most popular software suites in the world, Microsoft Office 365 is used by millions of people worldwide. Almost everyone who has used a computer in the past thirty years will have come into contact with Microsoft Word, Excel, or PowerPoint, sent an email through Outlook, or messaged someone on Skype.
Millions of modern businesses rely on the suite’s tools to communicate, create documents, and balance their books. But there’s a lot more to Office than many users realise, particularly since the release of Office 365.
If you’re considering taking advantage of Office in the cloud, or just want to find out a little more about Office 365 than contact us to help you.

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Office 365 is a subscription-based service, meaning rather than buying a copy of the suite outright for a one-time, up-front cost, users instead pay a monthly subscription fee to access the service at a level of their choosing.

With Office 365’s subscription-based model, users always have access to the latest version, as the software is updated at Microsoft’s end, compared to perpetual, on-premise users who would have to buy a new copy of the latest edition yearly to be able to use any new features.

Office 365 is built as a cloud-first application; although desktop versions of its apps are available with certain plans, however it is designed to be used online. All the office 365 applications, services, and data generated by Office 365 are hosted on Microsoft’s servers.

Users don’t always need to install software or maintain any hardware on which to run it. Office 365 also comes with online only use of word, excel etc as well as email hosting, and cloud storage space, so users can host their files online and have access to them wherever and whenever they need to, from any device that connects to the internet and signed into your account.

Being cloud-based, Office 365 also comes with a host of features not available in previous versions.

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