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Because of the variety of possible hardware configurations, it isn't possible for an end user to diagnose every possible issue. However we have the equipment and parts to identify the problem and fix it. Whether you’re building a PC that has never successfully turned on, or are trying to fix a new issue for one that was previously operating correctly, our diagnostic solutions will determine the issue and allow ud to offer you a solution.

Let Technogeek fix all your power pc issues

  • Any power-on or system startup failures or lockups.
  • Spontaneous rebooting or intermittent lockups during normal operation.
  • Intermittent parity check or other memory-type errors.
  • HDD and fan simultaneously failing to spin (no +12V)
  • Overheating due to fan failure.
  • Small brownouts that cause the system to restart.

There are a few telltale signs of a computer power supply that may be failing.

  • Random computer crashes.
  • Random blue screen crashes.
  • Extra noise coming from the PC case.
  • Recurring failure of PC components.
  • PC won't start but your case fans spin.

If the PSU is too weak, there will happen some unwanted things with your PC: PC won't start to Windows (or any other OS installed). ... If your PSU is strong enough to keep you GPU + CPU running but it is at limit, it will overheat, and the PSU will deteriorate over time.

Don't wait until the supply dies, because its failure can cause voltage problems which can ruin your motherboard, hard drive, or other components. ... Power supplies that fail can damage other components in your computer, especially the motherboard.

Power supplies can last a decent lifespan (4-5 years and sometimes longer). It all depends on the quality. A cheaper PSU would be expeected to last 2-3 years.

Technogeek fixes all your Power issues

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