PC Tune Up Service


Technogeek Computer Services provide you with a complete tune up service to clean out and help make faster your Desktop, Laptop or All in One PC.

Speed up your computer with technogeek tune up service

We will look run a thorough software tune up service, fine tune and customise your windows 8 or 10 as well as clean out all the dust in your fans and power supply.

We will run full diagnostics on your harddrive and let you know how it is running. This will let us know how long you have on your harddrive before it should be changed. We also run a before and after benchmark to see what improvements we have made to your pc.

After these tests we can also let you know if you should change/upgrade your harddrive to really change the pc performance. We use really fast solid state drives and they make a HUGE difference to your pc performance.

windows 10 tune up service

Let us help you improve your pc

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