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At Technogeek we have a fully setup offsite workshop to solve any technology issues you may be having, because we understand that your needs are important. While this is not accessable to the public, we do  have our office located at 1438 Anzac Ave Kallangur for all face to face services.

Let Technogeek keep your systems running

At Technogeek, we are pleased to offer the ability to fix and service a huge range of issues with our staffed workshop. Fully setup for all diagnostics and services that might be required to fix a multitude of IT issues.

  • Complete Diagnostics – We will perform a complete diagnostic on your device and provide a repair quotation prior to starting the job. The diagnostic fee can be used towards a repair of equal or higher value. Technogeek has over 35 years of experience in I.T. services, and PC/computer repair. We stand behind our work with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.,
    We do a complete hardware and software diagnostic for the device of your choice..
    We provide an estimate for how much it will cost to repair your device
    (or give honest recommendations for replacement)
  • Complete Repair Solutions - We stand 100% behind our work. if you're not satisfied let us know and we WILL correct it.
    We try to work within your schedule for repairs and replacements
    We will always remedy any defect in our workmanship for up to 90 days
    We are fully warranty authorized with many of the large manufacturers
    Our technicians carry industry certifications such as CompTIA A+
  • Computer Tune Up – If your computer is not performing the way you know it should, Technogeek can help. Our computer tune-up service will optimise your computer’s performance to the best it can possibly be.
    Technogeek takes a detailed and personalised approach to optimising your system.
    You likely need a tune-up if your computer is exhibiting the following symptoms: Sluggish response
    Hangs or freezes during tasks
    Slow system load time
    Programs crash
    Error messages
  • Virus Clean Services – Our processes fully remove all traces of infection so your computer has a fresh start and runs as fast as possible.
    We analyse your programs and features to make sure that no junkware or potentially harmful software is present, so your machine isn’t slowed down by these programs.
    We use multiple tools to perform cleanups on your computer.
    We are thorough and take care to leave no trace of a virus or other malicious program behind.
    We secure your computer against future attacks with recommendations for software to help prevent infections and include tools to manage your safety with all of our virus cleanups.

Technogeek can provide all your IT needs

We can fix all issues with our fully setup office

Anzac Ave business premises and our offsite workshop

Wer offer all the help we can to keep you running

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